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It is important for a soldier to be physically fit. "Run or die" Is the Legacy Of Warrior Kings. Means "More sweat at training-Less blood in combat". For that reason military training was designed to quickly improve your endurance, muscle, strength and body conditioning. With our boot camp You will build self-confidence and learn how to work as a team.

Your training will start straight away and with a bang! But don’t worry, you don’t have to be super fit to join us. If you didn’t do any sport before and you are afraid that you will struggle at the beginning,relax. We will teach you the basics using helpful breathing techniques. The training itself is based mostly on your body resistance so it will help you gain fitness quicker than you think. Of course everything is carried out with a smile and in a friendly atmosphere.

We train outdoors no matter what the weather. With the aid of some small pieces of equipment we will teach you how easy it is to do these exercises at home without needing to pay for gym membership or buy expensive treadmills and steppers. Our sessions are made up of running, sprints, aerobic and combat exercises.

Every couple of weeks we will grade you so you can track your progress.Our system will save it on a database that you can review anytime and share with family and friends on social media. So if your goals are to lose weight, gain fitness and make great friends. Or if it is simply just to de-stress and have fun with a bunch of nice people our boot camp is the place for you.

Please search for locations and read terms and conditions before you register.

Kind Regards

Sgt Danny C.

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